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"Dr. Mike" Kohrman came to Mobile in 2009 has been serving the Eastern Shore, Mobile and surrounding areas since 2011 at Southern Pain and Rehab, LLC.

He has been in practice since 1987.  

He is Board Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

Dr. Mike deals with the non-surgical approach to the neuro-musculoskeletal system. Most problems are non-surgical in nature and yet a lot of patients unknowingly see a surgeon; wasting valuable time in the diagnosis and treatment of their problem. Surgeons are great at surgery, but they do not have the same degree of experience, training and understanding of non-surgical neuro-musculoskeletal problems as Dr. Mike. He has taken the extra steps and time to travel across the country to get more sophisticated training and experience in dealing with a lot of Myofacial Pain Syndromes. Because of the extensive training and experience he gained after his residency, he was able to take and pass the Pain Medicine Boards without being required to do a Pain Medicine Fellowship. Now younger, less experienced physicians are required to complete at least a one year Pain Fellowship in order to take the Pain Medicine Boards. On average, roughly 70% of these fellowship trained physicians pass the Pain Boards. 

Dr. Mike has training and experience in Medical Acupuncture, Osteopathic Manipulation, Prolotherapy, Neural Therapy and traditional Interventional Pain Techniques. Some of these methods of diagnosis and treatment are not taught in the Pain Fellowships across the country. He was even on teaching staff at the Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center Pain Clinic in Gainesville, Florida, which was associated with the University of Florida's Pain Management Fellowship Program.  

Dr. Mike also was an athlete and wrestling coach. He approaches each patient as if they were an athlete and get them back to the best that they can be.   Dr. Mike has "been there," "done that" and "seen that."  

Our goal is to maximize everyone's functional status and reduce the amount of medications and procedures performed so you become more independent and get on with your life.